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IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine’s Molding Process
What are the characteristics of the molding process of the IBC hollow blow molding machine? The volume of the IBC ton barrel is about 450L-3000L. It is often used in the process of industrial transportation and loading and unloading. Usually, the capacity and material of the blow molding machine are selected according to the bearing capacity required by the application field. The following will introduce the process characteristics of the IBC ton barrel hollow blow molding machine from the aspects of energy saving, blow molding efficiency, and equipment system.

IBC Hollow Blow Molding Machine Features as following,
Usually one 1000L hollow blow molding machine is used to produce IBC barrels. As far as blow molding technology is concerned, Luhong Blow Molding Machine has gradually developed, designed and manufactured blow molding equipment with similar quality to foreign developed countries. The wall thickness and other aspects are gradually innovated and reformed.

1. IBC Tank blow molding machine can accurately control the parison by adjusting the parameters of the axial and flexible ring radial wall thickness control system and hydraulic cylinder during the production process, so as to realize the high quality of the IBC ton barrel Production.

2.Equipped with an automatic edge removal system to remove leftover material from the edge of the inner tank.
3.The optimized design of the mold structure, where the tensile deformation of the product required on the mold is large, local negative pressure treatment during the blow molding process can also be improved because the IBC barrel blow molding machine lacks radial wall thickness control of insufficiency.IBC hollow blow molding machine adopts the structure of three shifts and two tie rods.

4. IBC Tank hollow blow molding machine adopts the structure of three shifts and two tie rods. The stocker head is based on the order of incoming and outgoing materials. It has the characteristics of uniform distribution of parisons and fast color change and material change.

5. In the process of mass production of IBC ton barrels, when a single weight is 14KG, the octagonal wall thickness can reach 1.9mm, and the blow molding efficiency is faster, and the blow molding can be completed in about 180S.
The IBC tank hollow blow molding machine has always been the main production project of the hollow blow molding machine industry, and one of the cores of research and development. In the nearly 20 years of blow molding machine design and production, Junkang has summed up many experiences and continuously improved the IBC hollow blow molding machine. The technical level of blow molding machines.

Post time: Apr-11-2022