2022 Brand New LH-BM3000L 4 Layers Water Tank Blow Molding Machine’s Shipment


Production process: The production process of Luhong automatic hollow blow molding machine adopts blow molding extrusion molding process.

Product advantages: hydraulic servo control, energy saving and high efficiency. Commonly used materials: hard tooth surface reducer + imported invertercan produce products: IBC, double-ring barrel, single-ring barrel, tray, etc.

Product function: Luhong automatic hollow blow molding machine is a new generation of automatic blow molding machine specially developed for various products. The equipment adopts hydraulic servo control, which is energy-saving and efficient. The buckets are of good quality.

Production process: Luhong automatic hollow blow molding machine adopts storage die head, new runner design, fast color change, and multi-layer die head can be made according to customer requirements. The equipment adopts a die shifting system to move back and forth to avoid the inconvenience caused by the movement of the overall extruder platform, and it is more convenient to change the die.

Technical features: We use a spiral mandrel combination system, which is highly adaptable, with a multi-section structure of up to 7 layers. The multi-layer co-extrusion head adopts rheological design, each layer has a good circumferential distribution, the layer combination raw materials are evenly distributed, and can process plastic raw materials with a wide range. Good self-cleaning function at low extrusion volume.

Post time: May-11-2022