2022 Brand New Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine For Hot Sale in Thailand.


Luhong blow molding machine is specialized in the design, production, installation and commissioning of hollow blow molding machines. The road barrier blow molding machines have been exported to India, Thailand, Sudan, and 18 domestic provinces of China. The models of road barrier are various, and the products are sold according to the owner. To meet the needs of customers, we can customize various types of barricades, molds for warning columns, etc. As a experienced road barrier hollow blow molding machine manufacturer, the blow molding machines have good sales in Europe, America and Asia.

Features of the Road Barrier Hollow Blow Molding Machine

1. Suitable for a variety of plastics, high-density polyethylene, PE, PP, etc., more durable, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation.

2. The production efficiency is relatively high, 5 times that of the traditional blow molding machine.

3. Can produce 500L-3000L water road barriers of different sizes.

4. The blow molding machine has low investment and high cost performance.

5. The road barrier produced by Luhong blow molding machine has a more beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, leakage prevention, no fading and no deformation.

6. Support the production of other blow molding process products, such as trays, vertical barrels, septic tanks, chemical barrels, etc.

7. The servo hydraulic system is optimized. Compared with the traditional hydraulic system after optimization, the energy saving can reach 45%. With the booster cylinder, it can also provide a stronger clamping force.

8. Easy to operate, the hollow blow molding machine adopts a fully automated system, which maintains better operation convenience. Compared with other forms of water horse products, water horse products are more wear-resistant and have a longer service life.

9. Luhong blow molding machine has high production efficiency, low energy consumption, good blow molding products, and blow molding barricade products in various forms and sizes can be customized

Post time: Apr-08-2022