2022 Newly Designed and Update of our blow molding machine.


In recent years, Luhong Plastics Blow Molding Machine has developed rapidly. From the research and development of new blow molding machine technology, the operation and management mode to the after-sales service system of blow molding machine, we always enterprising and innovative.

1. Clamping unit

    ◆Newly designed and enhanced template;

    ◆High-rigidity template design, through finite element analysis, optimize structure, reduce stress, strengthen rigidity and small deformation.

    ◆High-rigidity pressure center toggle mechanism reduces clamping deformation.

    ◆New V-shaped toggle mechanism, five fulcrum large oblique row angle pressure center toggle mechanism. Ensure that the clamping force is evenly transmitted to the center of the mold and reduce the deformation of the mold.

2. Injection unit

    ◆Double-cylinder balanced injection seat, low-resistance injection cylinder;

    ◆High storage accuracy and stable output;

    ◆High energy conversion efficiency, quieter and more energy saving;

    ◆Larger transmission ratio, simplified structure;

    ◆It can realize synchronous material storage and improve production efficiency;

    ◆Traditional injection structure to meet the molding requirements of different types of products;

    ◆Pneumatic nozzle: no casting, reliable sealing and more stable products.

3. Hydraulic system

    ◆Strong power output. The injection process is more stable and controllable;

    ◆Classic energy-saving servo system. Small moment of inertia, no bottom liquid, lower energy consumption;

4. Electronic control system

    ◆High-performance reactive filter, all-round EMC solution.

Post time: Feb-24-2022