Brand New Luhong Blow Molding Machine Introduction in 2022.


Luhong Blow Molding Machines are designed for producing a variety of products, such as vertical barrels, horizontal barrels, double-ring barrels, chemical barrels, IBC ton barrels, water road barriers, septic tanks, trays, kayaks, oil barrels, medical beds, solar liner, etc., Provide customized blow molding machines and molds according to customer needs for products, and provide you with technical support and product maintenance services for related hollow blow molding machines to ensure the interests of customers.

The bucket hollow blow molding machine adopts Siemens microcomputer system with integrated control. The temperature, speed and time of the machine can be directly displayed and adjusted freely through the panel. The system of the automatic blow molding machine has a built-in 100-point parison wall thickness controller, which has precise control and uniform product wall thickness, which can effectively save raw materials. Display, Ethernet remote diagnosis, correction of wrong parameters.

Features of Luhong Automatic hollow blow molding machine.

1. Dual proportional control hydraulic system.

2. Compared with rotomolding and injection molding products, the production efficiency of the bucket blow molding machine is higher.

3. Adopt American, German, hydraulic and pneumatic components and PLC control system.

4. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. Luhong blow molding machine can replace the mold and produce other products at any time.

5. A full set of Siemens automatic operating system, easy to operate, more intelligent and save manpower.

6. The production cycle is short, and the delivery can be arranged within 120 days.

The large-scale hollow blow molding machine above 7.10000L adopts the automatic mold changing system developed by self-protection, which is more convenient to operate.

8. The operation of the whole machine is simple and convenient, and it saves manpower.

9. High utilization rate of raw materials, high yield, low investment and fast return.

10. It has strong toughness and tensile strength, which is stronger and more durable than rotomolding tanks.

Post time: Jan-10-2022