Docks and Float Buoy Blow Molding Machine For Hot Sale In Southeast Asia.

Multi-functional modular pontoons are combined into a floating dock platform of any shape and size according to needs. Panels can be laid, and mooring equipment, anti-collision facilities, safety fences, landing gangways, water and electricity installations can be used. It can dock various types of boats, such as yachts, motor boats, rubber boats, kayaks, cruise boats, battery boats, sailing boats, dragon boats, inflatable boats, cruise ships, etc.
Application range: Yacht docks, motorboat docks, motorboat dry berths, cruise docks, dock docks, sailing docks, dragon boat docks, kayak docks, motorboat docks, ferry docks, sports event docks, etc.

The pontoon is processed by blow molding machine technology and can float on the water. It is made of tough high molecular polyethylene and other materials. It has good weather resistance and impact resistance, and can prevent ultraviolet rays, freeze, and seawater chemicals. Corrosion such as agent oil stains. It can automatically rise and fall with the rise and fall of the tide, and is widely used in the construction of floating platform projects such as floating bridges and docks. The other type of buoy is a closed metal tube floating on the water, and the lower part is fixed with an iron anchor, which is used to moor a ship or be a navigation mark, etc.

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Post time: Nov-29-2021