LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine Introduction


Introduction of LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

Compared with other types of blow molding machines, LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine has higher blowing efficiency, lower energy consumption, and better quality of water horse roadblocks. The material, capacity and size of water horse products can be customized according to the water horse blow molding machine manufacturer. The water horse hollow blow molding machine is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life.


Structure of LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine is mainly composed of die head, extrusion plasticizing device, frame, clamping machine, inflation device, hydraulic system, servo hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical control system, and mold , peripheral auxiliary equipment and other equipment components.


Working principle of LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine is mainly through inflating the softened thermoplastic parison, and by making it close to the cooling surface of the closed mold, the inflated parison is condensed to form a hollow blow molding product .


The standard procedure of the water horse blow molding machine is to go through, mold transfer – mold clamping – mold clamping – pressurization – blowing needle entry – blowing – exhaust – pressure relief – mold opening – mold transfer – so reciprocating, enter the next cycle.


Features and advantages of LH-BM1508 Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

1. The die head is customized according to the product and has a patent. The new head design has uniform wall thickness control.

2. A full set of original SEIMENS control system ensures high quality, safe and stable operation, and has fast after-sales service.

3. The pressurized oil cylinder is used to ensure a large clamping force.

4. The operation is convenient and the equipment runs stably.

5. Low energy consumption, using nano heating system or induction heater

6. The special hydraulic design avoids the complexity of the hydraulic system. The whole system adopts the pressure cylinder, which optimizes the hydraulic structure of the machine and provides stronger clamping force.

7. The whole system is driven by servo motor, mute and energy saving

8. Adopt Japanese hydraulic valve to make the hydraulic system more stable and reliable

9. High production efficiency and less waste

10. Independent research and development of the core components of the equipment to ensure the quality and reliability of the equipment

Post time: Aug-03-2022