LH-BM500L 2 Layers Blow Molding Machine Introduction

1.Brief introduction of energy-saving blow molding machine: The blow molding machine produced by our company adopts long-diameter screw, ZLYJ type special hard tooth surface reducer, four-pole motor with frequency converter, storage type spiral mixing head, good plasticization, efficient. The screw barrel is heated by far-infrared heater, stainless steel shield, and the cooling method is a combination of water-cooling and air-cooling. Using the fast 100-point wall thickness control system and hydraulic servo energy-saving device, the products produced are strong and pressure resistant, uniform in thickness, high equipment productivity, and low consumption. Japan’s Mitsubishi Computer guarantees the stable operation of the equipment. The precision linear guide rail enables the mold clamping machine to reciprocate smoothly.


2. Description of main equipment:
1. SJ-90/30 2 sets
Configuration: BM type PE special screw is used to ensure the plasticizing effect of the material; the screw barrel adopts a two-stage structure with forced feeding function; the screw barrel is made of 38CrMoALA, which is nitrided and polished; the barrel is heated by a far-infrared heater Heating, stainless steel shield. The cooling method is a combination of water cooling and air cooling; the reducer adopts a hard-tooth surface reducer; the drive motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation;
2. 2 spring feeders
3. 1 set of double-layer blow molding machine head
Configuration: The form of the storage type head is the company’s unique spiral head, which completely eliminates stitches.
4. Hydraulic system 1 set
Configuration: The hydraulic valve is a Taiwan YUKEN hydraulic valve with high control accuracy and energy saving. Using hydraulic servo system, energy saving, noise reduction and electricity saving.
5. Mold opening and closing device 1 set
Configuration: Adopting a new mold opening and closing device, the guide rod adopts a special large-diameter guide rod to ensure its strength and service life; the mold shifting mechanism adopts a linear guide rail, which has high positioning accuracy for opening and closing molds, energy saving and large bearing capacity, without deformation and solving The phenomenon of mold clamping jitter during use;
6. 1 set of storage tank
Configuration: The material of the storage tank is 38CrMoALA, which is nitrided and polished; it adopts the principle of first-in-first-out, which makes the material change fast, and the parison control adopts an independent oil source.
7. 1 set of parison control system
Configuration: Equipped with fast 100-point wall thickness servo control system, 100-point curve control can be set, real-time wall thickness adjustment can be realized, and the product tare and quality can be accurately controlled.
8. 1 set of rack
Configuration: The die head can be raised and lowered at the same time on the same machine platform, and the mold clamping machine can move back and forth, which is convenient for loading and unloading molds.
9. Computer control system 1 set
Configuration: It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC computer touch control to achieve high precision and automatic continuous production.
10. 1 set of safety light curtain
11. 2 sets of hydraulic screen changer

Post time: Nov-22-2021